Hi, I am Emili Fowler.

Hey, y'all! Is actually more my personality but "hi" looked nicer.

I am as Southern as they come, clumsy, and love to laugh at corny jokes. My awkwardness is free with your session! I enjoy doing anything with my little family of four and dog babies. I went to college for radiology and worked as an xray and computed tomography technologist until recently. I grew up, in Opp, AL, and love going down to spend the day on the beaches of Destin, FL.

I love Jesus and a huge mental health awareness advocate. God gave us all a story and I am here to tell mine and capture yours. With the help of my sweet husband, Matthew, we came up with "New Life Photography" because, we are all offered new life in Christ, by faith alone, through grace alone.  

Emili is pictured here with her two Earthly jewels and husband of 12 years. (Beach image by Kayla Baptista Photography)

family of 4 posed on sand dunes at sunset



“I can’t say enough great things about New life photography and Emili Marler Fowler! A true genuine sweet and caring person. Maternal mental health is so important, thank you for bringing awareness! Also, check out that cute baby!”

Location: Church Street Andalusia, AL

Phone: 334.293.1098